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Who We Are

Why are we called Gotham Collaborative?

No, we're not sponsored by DC Comics :)


Gotham is the informal name for NYC, which we believe serves as the ultimate classroom for learning and exploring. We collaborate with over 100 sites around New York City to provide a breadth of internship experiences for our students. We also partner with Monroe College so that students enrolled in our Early College Program are dual-enrolled, and graduate GCHS with both a high school diploma and an associated degree in Human Services.

Gotham Collaborative's Mission & Vision

The Mission of Gotham Collaborative is to create an equitable learning community that ensures each student has access to the resources and supports needed to reach their highest potential.

The Vision of Gotham Collaborative is to engage students in productive struggle, where they will develop perseverance and critical thinking skills. Students will master these skills through multiple approaches and create meaningful post-secondary plans, guided by real-world experiences connected to their learning.

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