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The admissions is currently open for the school year 2024-25. If you are interested in applying here, please speak to your Middle School counselor or reach out to us at 

2024 -25 School Year

We have two programs that students can apply to:

  • X32A - Gotham Collaborative High School (Open Admissions)

  • X32B - College Preparatory Program (Educational Option Admissions (Educational Option Admissions) 

  • X32U - Gotham Collaborative D75 Inclusion Program

Our College Preparatory Program provides students the rare opportunity to take college courses all four years to graduate with an Associate's Degree in addition to a high school diploma. Additionally, our extensive internship program offers upperclassmen the opportunity to intern at one of our 100+ partnerships across NYC in diverse fields, including medicine, fashion design, and culinary arts. 


Students interested in earning an Associate's Degree by graduation should apply to the accelerated program X32B. Students may apply to both programs . To learn more about the Educational Option (Ed Opt) Admissions, please refer to the NYC High School Guide.​

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