Dear Parents & Guardians,

As the Parent Coordinator/Liaison for Gotham Collaborative High School, I look forward in beginning this new school year alongside you.  I am available for parents to reach me via telephone at (718)597-1587 ext. 14972, via email at or to meet me in person at the school between the hours of 8am - 3:30pm on school days.  

As the parent coordinator, my primary role is to support parents and guardians throughout their child’s high school year.  I work closely with our Parent Association Committee in order to strategize ways to partner up with organizations, and encourage family participation in our school and the community.  With the administration, teachers, school counselor, school social worker, parents, guardians, and myself, our school helps students develop better social skills; prepare them to graduate, and to go on to college or into a career path.   I also serve as a facilitator for our school as well, and I am available to assist teachers in order to conduct further outreach to parents.  I can assist as an interpreter for our Spanish speaking parents.  I am here for you if you have any questions or concerns.

I do my best to get to know each and every parent/guardian of our students.  I truly believe that parent involvement can make a difference in their child’s education, so I encourage them to come in get to know their child’s school, and how they can be a part in one of the most important journeys of their child life.  Together we are going to be a great help to our student and parents.


Lisette Pacheco

Parent Coordinator/Liaison 


1980 Lafayette Ave, Bronx, NY 10473, USA

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